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HacWare partners with IT By Design

HacWare partners with IT By Design, launching a marketplace to help enterprises grow, scale and thrive.

ORLANDO, FL – Sept. 20, 2023 – IT By Design and HacWare, two teams supporting managed service providers, along with other technology vendors in the MSP community, today announced a partnership that will allow MSPs to easily access top tools and solutions from premier vendor partners in the channel.

IT By Design will release a new Marketplace spotlighting industry best practices and leading vendor offerings. The marketplace will include top tools and solutions from premier vendor partners in the channel, including cybersecurity education and training platform, HacWare, allowing MSPs to embrace the technology most trusted and used by IT By Design.

“We are fully dedicated to ensuring the IT By Design Marketplace serves as a home for the most efficient, relevant and reliable solutions available to the MSP community,” said Kam Kaila, President of IT By Design. “Everything in the marketplace is designed — and hand-picked — to help enterprises grow, scale and thrive.”

“Being a part of this marketplace gives MSPs an easy opportunity to provide cybersecurity education to their end users,” says HacWare CEO and Founder, Tiffany Ricks. “Human risk causes nearly 90% of data breaches, so we’re excited to be able to offer our platform that reduces this risk, to even more managed service providers in the IT By Design Marketplace.”

Access to vendors like HacWare through the new marketplace will launch in full at the end of October for IT By Design’s MSP partners. IT By Design’s expert technicians will be trained to work on every solution available in the marketplace.

About HacWare HacWare is an AI-driven cybersecurity learning platform designed to aid MSPs in combating risks associated with human behavior. HacWare utilizes generative AI to create and send targeted, realistic phishing simulations and offers measured vulnerability scoring to monitor susceptibility levels. HacWare’s learning management system enables MSPs to enhance the security response rate of their client teams through engaging, inclusive micro-training videos and single-question pop quizzes, transforming users into the first line of defense against cyber threats.

About IT by Design IT By Design specializes in custom business solutions for managed services providers. With 20 years in the industry, IT By Design leverages its expertise and commitment to further its clients’ success and create partnerships that take the MSP’s business to the next level. IT By Design’s team of highly trained technical talent can support any MSP at a moment’s notice. The company continues to refine an all-in-one software solution that helps MSPs manage staff, keep objectives on target, and establish a strong and happy company culture.

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