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Live actor training is now available from HacWare!

Your users can build valuable cybersecurity skills and awareness through live-actor training courses that cover wide-ranging, necessary topics for cyber awareness.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity awareness is more crucial than ever. These courses are designed to educate and engage your end users, equipping them with the cyber awareness and skills to recognize and report current and emerging cyber threats effectively.

Why Live-Actor Training?

Our live-actor training micro courses offer real-life scenarios brought to your users in a unique and delightful way. This approach makes learning more engaging, lasting and impactful, ensuring that the cybersecurity concepts covered in the content are not just understood but remembered.

The courses span a wide spectrum of cybersecurity topics, ensuring that your users are aware of various aspects of cybersecurity, from understanding phishing scams to managing secure passwords.

Watch the trailer for our new courses!

All of the new micro training courses still adhere to our engagement principles:

  • Every training video is under three minutes long

  • Training content is engaging and entertaining

  • Content is committed to diversity and inclusion

See the new live-actor training, and get a free micro training course to share with your users. Partners can access all available live-actor training courses in the LMS within the partner portal.

In the face of ever-evolving cyber threats, staying informed and prepared is vital to your client's overall cyber hygiene. Our new live-actor training courses are a step forward in making cybersecurity education more effective, engaging, and impactful.


Learn more about HacWare: MSP partners can decrease the likelihood their end users will click on a phishing email by 60%. Let us help you empower your client's end users with automated, AI-driven phishing simulations and under three-minute micro-trainings to build them into your client's first line of defense against cyber attacks.

Learn more about our partner program and how we can support your MSP's growth!

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