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Meet Luis

What are you most excited about in your position at HacWare?

To educate and empower people and organizations to protect themselves against cyber threats and attacks. I’m looking forward to sharing knowledge to help them thrive personally and in business in our current digital economy.

What do you think more people should know about cybersecurity?

When it comes to email phishing attacks and business email compromise situations, the cost of prevention outweighs the potential cost of the breach.

The potential costs associated with a data breach or ransomware attack can be extremely high; thus when it comes to the bottom line, leaders and executives want to see a return on their cyber security investments.

Based on the potential costs of a cyberattack, an investment in cybersecurity tools is not only worthwhile, but essential.

What is most important to you in this role?

Getting to know people is very important to me since business is about relationships with people and building cooperation and trust. So I enjoy getting to know people on a personal level by asking three simple questions:

  • If you could have lunch or dinner with one person, dead or alive who would it be and why?

  • If you could only use one piece of technology what would it be?

  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Let me know your answers when we meet at the next conference or event! Book a demo with Luis today to discuss phishing trends and security awareness solutions.

Learn more about HacWare at If you are a Managed Security Service provider (MSSP) or IT professional, we would love to automate your security education services, click here to learn more about our partner program.

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