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Meet Rashad

Why did you join HacWare?

I joined the team here at HacWare because not only do I sincerely believe in our product, I gravitated toward the story behind it. What we offer is an innovative solution to solve 95% of the cybersecurity industry's problems, which is breaches due to human error. Also, during my interviewing process, Tiffany continuously reminded me of how down to earth she was, as the CEO/Founder. She knows exactly what she wants for HacWare and I was motivated to help get there.

How do you plan to fight cybercrime?

I plan on helping fight cybercrime by educating as many people as possible on ways to fight these criminals. My communication skills help others who are unable to comprehend the issues, understand. This is the beauty of HacWare, we have a solution that has simplified the process to understand how phishing attacks occur daily.

Share a cybersecurity statistic that resonates the most with you? Cybercrime is predicted to hit $10.5 trillion by 2025.

Book a demo with Rashad today to discuss phishing trends and security awareness solutions.

Learn more about HacWare at If you are a Managed Security Service provider (MSSP) or IT professional, we would love to automate your security education services, click here to learn more about our partner program.

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