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Talk to Team feature

What’s new at HacWare?

We’ve added a new item to your right side panel in the partner portal, "Talk to Team." This new feature makes connecting to support easier. Through this button you can directly report a bug, suggest a feature or ask a question within the Partner Portal.

Add a screenshot of what you’re experiencing to the form and submit it directly to our support team.

How will this update affect my organization?

This update will give you faster access to the support team and a quicker way to work together to solve your problem, share updates on updates in our pipeline and suggest features.

How do I find this change in the product?

See this update within your Partner Portal.

Learn more about HacWare

If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Managed Security Service provider (MSSP) or IT professional, we would love to automate your security education services. Learn more about becoming a partner!

Learn more about HacWare’s Security Awareness Developer Platform, at the HacWare for Developers page.

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