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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

We're excited to celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month at HacWare! All October we’ll be sharing resources to educate your team - including downloads, webinars and events to spread awareness about the prevalence of cyberattacks.

Event and resource calendar:

Event and resource schedule:

Sept 30: Social media pack released

Download 25 social media templates for free to share with your end users to educate them about cybersecurity!

Oct 4: Meet, Greet & Golf in Salt Lake City | Event

Join HacWare and our friends at WebCheck Security and Perpetual Storage for an afternoon at Top Golf in Salt Lake City - on us! RSVP to attend

Oct 5-6: Sector in Toronto, Canada | Event

We’ll be in the Startup & Education area at Canada’s security conference. Use our promo code HacWare2022 at registration for a free expo pass.

Oct 6: Cyberattack Preppers | LinkedIn Live

Join HacWare CEO Tiffany Ricks and VP & Channel Chief at FifthWall Solutions, Wes Spencer for a conversation about how you can leverage security awareness training in your insurance plan.

Oct 12:# WomenLeadersinTech| Webinar

Palo Alto Network’s Women Leaders in Tech webinar will feature HacWare CEO Tiffany Ricks on a panel discussion about leadership in cybersecurity. Replay:

Oct 20: Tactical MSP Marketing Series: Increase your MSP’s visibility to reach your customers where they are | Webinar

HacWare CEO Tiffany Ricks and CMOGuru CEO, Charlene Ignacio will share strategies to help MSP build their digital presence and expand their visibility to amplify their offerings — while still engaging their audience.

Oct 21: Best Practices for (Very) Small Businesses | Webinar CEO of the nonprofit Cybersecurity Support Network, Bob Burda and HacWare CEO, Tiffany Ricks on how small businesses can effectively address cybersecurity concerns to protect theirs and their customer's data. Watch the replay:

Oct 27: Taking the power back from the hackers | Webinar

Featuring HacWare CEO, Tiffany Ricks and representatives from Webcheck Security, Perpetual Storage and Lochbox. Tune in for a discussion on how you can protect your company and data by taking the power back from the hackers. And how you can keep your total cost of ownership down by securing your team. RSVP

For more shareable resources and great cybersecurity conversations, follow us on LinkedIn:

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