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Deploying Tactical Anti-Phishing Techniques

Everyone is concerned about phishing but not everyone knows what to do to protect themself. HacWare and DNSFilter teamed up to discuss tactical anti-phishing options that you can use to secure your organization.

Watch HacWare's founder and CEO, Tiffany Ricks, as she explains the modern phishing journey and demo how HacWare can train your users to combat modern phishing attacks.

After watching this webcast, you will better understand:

  • How to identify modern phishing lures to avoid,

  • Anti-phishing techniques using security awareness and DNS filtering.

  • Demos of both HacWare and DNSFilter.

About the Companies

  • DNSFilter is the simplest and most powerful content filtering solution available. Backed by artificial intelligence and the industry’s largest anycast network, every single click a user makes is protected. We block brand new, never-before-seen threats up to 135 hours before other content filtering providers. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with. Our goal is to make filtering as easy as possible so our users don’t have to think about cybersecurity. Sign up for a Free Trial.

  • HacWare makes it super easy for lean security teams to provide hyper custom cybersecurity user training solutions that are 100% automated. This smart technology helps busy professionals learn how to combat advanced phishing attacks. HacWare's founder, CEO, and Chief Hacker, Tiffany Ricks, has been recognized as a top woman in technology with over 15 years of experience in the software engineering and cybersecurity industry.Hacware, Inc. is the future of cybersecurity training because we are solving the root cause of data breaches... Human Error!

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Want to Learn More about our Cybersecurity API?

HacWare makes it stupid easy for software developers to launch next generation cybersecurity education programs to combat phishing attacks with a few lines of code. To learn more about our powerful security awareness API and developer program, click here to apply .

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