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Your free micro training course from HacWare!

Each micro training course begins and ends with a single pop-quiz question. An example pre-quiz question is included below (find the answer at the bottom of the page) .

Pre-quiz question: How frequently should you change your passwords?

A) Every 60 days    B) Every 90 days     C) Every year     D) Whenever you forget it

  • Access live-actor micro training courses. All courses from HacWare are under three minutes long and cover relevant cybersecurity topics.

  • Unlimited phishing simulations. 
    Train your users with phishing simulations that are auto-generated and sent to users within your chosen time frame.

  •  14-day trials for your customers. 
    Offer your current and potential clients access to a 14-day free trial of security awareness training.

Start your 14-day free trial of HacWare's security awareness training platform

Correct answer to the pre-quiz question: B

Free trial

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