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From MSP to MSSP: Cybersecurity Sales Masterclass

Every step of the cybersecurity journey is important. In the Cybersecurity Sales Masterclass series featuring HacWare Channel Chief, co-author of the MSP Owner's Handbook and CEO of MSP Growth Coalition, Juan Fernandez, we jump into every step of the sales process. In this installment you'll hear about the process of adding the extra "S" and moving from MSP to MSSP.

From this webinar you'll learn:

  • What it means for an MSP to branch into offering cybersecurity services.

  • How to address concerns over potential liability.

  • How to determine what services your customers really need.

  • How your MSP can grow (and protect) your profits with cybersecurity.

  • A methodology for checking in on your MSP's security and liability.

Watch the replay:

Link to the full video:


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About the speaker:

Juan Fernandez - HacWare's Channel Chief. Juan is an experienced technology leader with a strong track record helping MSPs grow their ARR and working with channel programs. He's the author of the MSP Owner’s Handbook, and serves on boards for CompTIA and Channel Partners. Juan has been involved in the MSP channel for the past twenty years, using his wealth of knowledge in the MSP industry to build and scale one of the fastest growing MSPs in the space.


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