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HacWare Secures Funding from Google for Startups Fund to Expand Global Cybersecurity Education Initiatives

BROOKLYN, New York — June 25, 2024 — HacWare, Inc., an AI-powered cybersecurity education startup dedicated to empowering organizations of all sizes to defend against evolving cyber threats, proudly announces today that they have accepted funding from the Google for Startups Fund.  

The funding from Google will allow HacWare to expand our team and strengthen channel partnerships with over 3,000 IT solution providers in the North America, EMEA, and APAC markets. HacWare is one of the first human risk management platforms to leverage generative AI phishing simulation solutions to automate and customize simulated email hacks dating back to its founding in 2020.  

“HacWare’s vision is to revolutionize cybersecurity education and protection by empowering organizations of all sizes to defend against evolving cyber threats with confidence and resilience,” said Tiffany Ricks, Founder and CEO. “I am excited to be backed by Google, and this funding is going to fuel our globalization strategy to help cybersecurity providers in North America, EMEA, and APAC markets with AI technology to improve their end users’ overall cyber hygiene and security posture.”

Beyond the funding, HacWare will work closely with the Google team to accelerate HacWare's go-to-market and AI product roadmap expansion plans to position itself as a market leader in AI-driven human risk management solutions. 

"This year’s Google for Startups Founders Fund centers around supporting inspiring founders who are using AI to help tackle some of today’s most pressing issues,” said Danny Navarro, Google for Startups. “We are inspired by HacWare’s work in the cybersecurity space, and are excited to welcome its team into our flourishing community of startups."

HacWare’s proprietary cybersecurity technology leverages AI to eliminate repetitive tasks like creating and scheduling phishing simulations, planning training schedules, and following up with training reminders to remove roadblocks from cybersecurity providers’ workflows.

HacWare would also love to congratulate all of the founders who received funding from Google for Startups! Read Google's press announcement here.

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About HacWare

HacWare is the future of cybersecurity training because we are solving the root cause of data breaches ... Human error! HacWare makes it easy for lean security teams and security developers to provide AI-powered cybersecurity user training solutions. This automated technology helps busy workforces learn about cyber threats and how to protect themselves from spear-phishing attacks and Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams. HacWare uses cloud technology and AI-supervised learning to identify internal risks of email hacks. Then auto-generate personalized phishing campaigns to keep employees alert and educated. HacWare's products have helped companies around the world combat advanced phishing attacks, reducing malware outbreaks by 60%.

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