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What you can learn from the estimated costly behaviors report

The HacWare Partner Portal contains charts and metrics related to your end-user’s vulnerabilities and estimated costly behaviors.

The costly behaviors include opening attachments, clicking on links, social presence and more. The report provides insights into an organization’s human behavior, offering company leaders and executives a look at which human behavior factors tend to increase, or help mitigate, the cost of data loss or data breaches.

Costly Behavior Report

The Costly Behavior Report is available in your Partner Portal Dashboard. Click on the tab, Est. Costly Behaviors to view. In the visual chart you’ll see the dollar amount represented along with the types of vulnerable behaviors HacWare is accounting for: clicking links, distractions, external emails, opening attachments, replies and social presence.

How costly behaviors are calculated

We arrive at a sum of estimated data loss from all risky behaviors multiplied by industry breach record costs.

We take the average cost per lost or stolen record ($140 in 2019) and multiply it by potential breaches to create the breach cost figure displayed in the dashboard.

The below information reflects the industry breach record information we gather that is utilized in the Estimated Costly Behavior report.

  1. The average cost per lost or stolen record for an individual is $146. (per IBM)

  2. Information about the FBI breach record cost. The FBI report from 2019 is no longer available but there are many resources Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) that build on that report.

  3. The personally identifiable information (PII) of customers is the most expensive item to lose in a breach, estimated at a recovery cost of about $150 per record.

  4. If a breach is caused by a malicious attack rather than some sort of oversight (such as an unsecured database discovered by a security researcher), that average cost per record rises to $175. Anonymizing customer data reduces this average cost by only a few dollars per record in both cases.

  5. Corporate data and intellectual property are not far behind PII, with an average cost per record of $149 and $147 respectively. (source)

More information on the 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) Small & Medium Business (SMB) Spotlight from Verizon:


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