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Level 4 Spear-Phishing simulations have been released!

What’s new at HacWare?

Level 4 is the most advanced phishing simulation we've made so far. Level 4 is designed to push your users' cybersecurity awareness to the next level. Here's what makes it exceptional:

  • Research-based brand impersonations with URL masking: Realistic simulations that mimic the brands your users know and trust.

  • Personalized greetings and closings: Each message feels genuine and specific to the recipient.

  • Flawless communication: No spelling or grammatical errors to give away the phishing attempt.

  • Targeted messaging: Leveraging data from social media, websites, and other breached information to create highly convincing scenarios.

  • Landing pages with activity tracking: Level 4 simulations include convincing landing pages that track your user's activity.  The activity is available in the reports.

The message contents are targeted based on social media, websites, and other breached data.

How will this update affect my organization?

This update will allow your users to improve their skills in detecting a phishing attack. Level 4 will provide your users with the challenge they need to stay vigilant and secure.

HacWare's machine learning technology will automatically send the level 4 simulations to users who have graduated to that level of difficulty. If you would like to manually run Level 4 phishing campaigns please follow the steps below:

From the HacWare Dashboard,

  1. Select Simulations from the menu --> Select Campaign

  2. Press the "Add New Campaign" button

  3. Select the Controlled Campaign tab

  4. Select the recipients by selecting the checkbox next to the user(s).

  5. Select the level 4 simulation by selecting the phishing simulation that has a level 4 rating.

  6. Select the Date and Time to schedule when the simulation will be sent to the recipients.

Walkthrough finding the level 4 spear phishing simulations


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