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New Hire Center

Welcome to the HacWare team! Here are all the resources you need to get familiarized with our process and our product so you can succeed in this team.

Complete Your Security Training

Congratulations, you are now a Hacker-In-Training! Please complete this training as soon as possible, as it is important that you become familiar with the cybersecurity threat landscape and how to combat any malicious attempts you may encounter.

  1. Complete InfoSec Training.

  2. Complete HacWare Training.

Sign Up On Discord

We use Discord for all our primary internal communications and occasionally to interface with clients. We ask that you create an account and join our team channels!


If you already have an account, you are welcome to use this instead, but please make sure your account name and profile information are appropriate to be viewed by our clients.

Create Your Email Signature

We use Gmail for all client-facing communications so it's important that your signature clearly communicates that you're with us!


In the builder add in your first & last name, job title, company name, theme color (#37B5F6), and your profile picture. Then 'Create Signature' > Copy Signature.


Navigate to your new HacWare Gmail account > Settings > Signature > Create New > Paste the signature and delete the 'Create Your Own Free Signature' text. Make sure this signature is selected for your new emails.

Click 'save changes' and you're good to go!

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