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Phishing Incident Response (PIR) plan

Stay ahead of cyber threats

Minimize the impact of a successful phishing attack by laying out the actionable steps to mitigate the threat. Enhance the likelihood your client’s business will remain secure, compliant, and trusted by implementing our customizable phishing incident response plan.

5 reasons your MSP needs a Phishing Incident Response plan:

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Phishing accounts for 90% of cyber attacks. 

Get your PIR plan!

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  • Reduce response time: By having a predefined plan, you can respond more quickly and efficiently to phishing incidents.

  • Client trust and reputation: A swift & effective response can enhance your client's trust & confidence in your ability to manage security risks.

  • Regulatory compliance: Ensure compliance with regulations that mandate specific responses to security incidents & phishing attacks.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Addressing phishing attacks quickly can be much more cost effective than the consequences of a successful breach.

  • User education and awareness: Educating users on how to recognize and respond to attacks can reduce the likelihood and impact of future incidents.

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