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New & Improved Smishing Simulations

What's New at HacWare?

HacWare has improved the text message-based phishing simulations to include dynamic link generation that looks like real text message-based phishing attacks called Smishing. This capability is now available in a new product called "Super Phish". The Super Phish product is a data-driven solution that makes it easy for security teams to train users on how to combat smishing and phishing attacks. It also offers micro-training courses to educate users on other cybersecurity and compliance topics.

How will this update affect your organization:

  • The Super Phish feature will allow you to train your users while they are on-the-go and multi-tasking. This text message-based training experience will intelligently show your users how to identify scams.

How do I find this change in the product:

  • To request access or upgrade to the Super Phish plan, click here. Once you have access, you will go to the license page and add the SMS phone numbers. Then the product will automatically start scheduling Smishing simulations.

  • Developers can build smishing simulations into their products with the amazing HacWare API. Check out the documentation here.

Join the HacWare Developer Program

To learn more about the HacWare Security Awareness Developer platform, Go to the HacWare for Developers page. Click here to get started!

HacWare makes it stupid easy for software developers and Security teams to launch hype custom cybersecurity education solutions to combat phishing attacks. Learn more about HacWare at

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