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What are insider threats?

The microtraining course: Insider Threats is available in the Partner Portal now!

What are insider threats?

Insider threats are the potential risks or attacks that come from within your, or your client’s companies instead from an external source.

Insider threats may come from:

  • Former employees or business partners

  • Current employees or business partners

  • Contractors

  • Anyone with access to the organization

When a user with bad intent has access to your systems, data or other resources, and misuses that access, that’s an insider threat or attack. They may use their access to steal private information or data or disrupt your systems.

These threats can also be caused unintentionally. These occur when a user is being negligent and accidentally takes an action that may expose data or access. This could be accidentally sharing confidential information or when a user clicks on a suspicious link or attachment and falls for a phishing attack.

These threats can be hard to detect since the user with access causing the threat usually has (or had) legitimate access.

To mitigate these types of threats, it’s important to have strong cybersecurity policies and procedures. You may want to implement the principle of least privilege to restrict access to only necessary data or files, put a response plan in place and implement a strong, regular security awareness training plan.

Check out this sneak peek of the Insider Threats microtraining:

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HacWare partners can find the Insider Threats course in your Partner Portal!


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