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What is the principle of least privilege?

The microtraining course: Principle of Least Privilege is available in the HacWare LMS!

What is the principle of least privilege?

The principle of least privilege guides teams to grant users access to only what they need, or to what is essential for their work. By giving everyone the minimum level of permissions necessary to perform their tasks, you’re limiting access to data and minimizing the risk of accidental (or intentional) damage.

For employees who only need access to a few files or folders, you would only grant them access to those necessary files and folders instead of an entire system the files or folders live within.

The intention of the policy is to reduce your or your client’s likelihood of a security breach by minimizing access points within the organization.

Educate your end users on the policy and the benefits of keeping their systems secure!

Check out this sneak peek of the newly released course:

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