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New Phish Reporter for Gmail Released

HacWare's Phish Reporter tool has been approved to be in the Google Workspace Marketplace! Gmail users can now report suspicious email activity with HacWare's Phish Reporter tool.

How will this update affect my organization:

  • The new update will make it easy for Gmail users to report suspicious activity and get PASS credit for reporting HacWare's phishing simulations.

  • This reporter tool requires the company to have a HacWare for Gmail account to allow users to report suspicious activity.

How do I find this change in the Product:

  • To install the Phish Reporter from the Google Workplace Marketplace, click here.

  • From the HacWare for Gmail dashboard, select the Simulations. Then select Phishing Reporter from the menu item. Select the link in the Download Gmail Phishing Reporter field.

Join the HacWare Developer Program

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