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HacWare + ConnectWise: A Partnership Built for MSP Success

In this LinkedIn Live, HacWare + ConnectWise: A Partnership Built for MSP Success, HacWare CEO, Tiffany Ricks and Global Channel Chief, Juan Fernandez discuss partner experience and how MSP partners can save time with automations and AI-generated phishing simulations with ConnectWise, Manager of 3rd Party Ecosystems, Vicky Bruns.

This webinar discusses:

  • How HacWare and ConnectWise support MSPs by simplifying their workflow.

  • The value and importance of the partner experience.

  • How a focus on removing friction can make a meaningful difference for partner relationships.

Watch the replay:

Link to the full video:


Learn more about HacWare: MSP partners can decrease the likelihood that their end users will click on a phishing email by 60%. Let us educate your end users with automated, AI-driven phishing simulations and under three-minute micro-trainings to keep user attention and improve learning outcomes.

Learn more about our partner program and how we can support your MSP's growth!

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