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Partner Success Stories with Dan Le, Red Cup IT | Webinar

Founder and CEO of Red Cup IT, Dan Le, has experienced both challenges and successes throughout his career in IT and cybersecurity. In this Partner Success Stories webinar, led by HacWare Channel Chief, Juan Fernandez, Dan shares his tactics and advice for other MSPs — and discusses the one spreadsheet that always closes the deal.

In this webinar, Dan & Juan cover:

  • The benefits of MSPs building value and creating community for their clients.

  • The importance of focusing on the best customer type for your MSP.

  • Starting with the basics and building processes for your customers.

  • The benefits of utilizing NIST, CIS and other compliance frameworks.

  • Staying prepared for anything from audits to new projects and employee turnover.

Watch the replay:

Link to the full video:


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