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The importance of SMB compliance for your MSP

Working with SMBs often goes hand in hand with helping them reach security-related compliance requirements.

Some SMBs may need to reach corporate compliance, where requirements are not required by law but instead by internal rules. Others will need to meet regulatory compliance, where your SMB client will need to follow state, federal and/or international laws and regulations that are applied to their business.

By supporting your SMB client’s compliance needs, you’re helping them grow their business alongside your own by helping them:

  • Avoid legal issues. Failure to comply with compliance requirements can lead to fines, penalties or other consequences.

  • Improve their reputation. Staying on top of compliance regulations is a good look for an SMB and the MSP that supports them. It could be a competitive advantage if others in their industry are not as focused on staying compliant or aren’t as easily able to remain compliant as the SMB you support.

  • Mitigate risk. Compliance regulations are put in place for a reason. Many times the compliance requirements require the business to implement cybersecurity policies and take certain actions to safeguard their data. By staying compliant, you’re putting the basic safeguards in place to keep their business secure.

As an MSP, it’s important to be prepared for client conversations around compliance. This means knowing your client’s industries and understanding the compliance requirements that may impact their business.

Knowing the basics of common compliance regulations could put you ahead of your own competition as well. At HacWare, we make keeping your clients compliant with security awareness training requirements easy, with nine pre-built compliance based lesson plans. Enroll users into the appropriate lesson plan in one click and start training!

Pre-built compliance based lesson plans are available for:

HacWare's compliance based lesson plans help meet security awareness training and phishing simulation compliance regulations. Become an MSP partner to learn more and get started with easy-to-use compliance training.


Learn more about HacWare: MSP partners can decrease the likelihood their end users will click on a phishing email by 60%. Let us educate your end users with automated, AI-driven phishing simulations and under three-minute micro-trainings to keep user attention and improve learning outcomes.

Learn more about our partner program and how we can support your MSP's growth!

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