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How to Set Up a Phishing Campaign in 5 minutes with HacWare

HacWare's phishing education software is one of the most simplest things you will ever use. In fact, once installed it takes less than 5 minutes to send your first phishing exercise.

Getting Started


Go to the HacWare website.

In the navigation section at the top of the screen, I clicked on free trial.

Select the email type and email that you wish to use. I used gmail.

Once this was done, I received a welcome email with dashboard access

Sending Phishing Exercises

To send a phishing exercise we must create a new campaign. This can be done by navigating to the simulations section and clicking campaign.

1. On the lower right click on "Add New Campaign"

2. Type in the name of the member you'd like to test.

-The employees you wish to send the exercises to will already be there, since it is connected with your desired email contacts.

3. Select a time.

4. Finally, send a test. There are 4 different types. You can choose from a link, attachment, reply, or random (dynamic) test.

Note: if you set a phish to send on a time that has already taken place, it will send immediately.

For this scenario, I sent a dynamically generated test. It's an automatically generated phishing exercise based on user behavior.

Here is a look at the exercise that was sent:

The simulation dynamically created a message to send to the recipient.

All this in under 5 minutes.

Pierce Taylor, Software Engineer Intern at HacWare. HacWare measures risky cybersecurity behaviors and automates security education to help MSPs combat phishing attacks. Learn more about HacWare at

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