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How to use the Policy Management tools

What’s new at HacWare?

New policy management capabilities let you manage cybersecurity policies for your tenants within the Partner Portal!

Easily review available policies, send and request signatures from end users on your selected policies, and track successful and outstanding signature requests with policy reporting capabilities.

Available policies:

  • Acceptable Use Policy

  • Access Control Policy

  • Application Security Policy

  • Audit Controls Policy

  • Breach Notification and Incident Reporting Policy

  • Change Management Policy and Procedures

  • Contingency Planning Policy

  • Data Governance Policy and Procedures

  • Ethics Policy

  • Password Policy

  • Remote Work Policy

  • Privacy Policy

  • Risk Analysis and Management Policy

  • Security Awareness Training Policy

  • System Monitoring and Auditing Policy

How will this update affect my organization?

With policy management capabilities, your team can:

  • Add value for clients that are looking to improve their cyber hygiene with easy-to-implement policies that will provide their end users with structure and guidance around cybersecurity best practices.

  • Quickly meet compliance requirements related to specific cybersecurity policies.

  • Easily manage and track user’s policy acceptance and monitor outstanding policies by user.

How do I find this change in the partner portal?

You can find these new features in the Partner Portal dashboard, after selecting the tenant whose policies you plan to manage.

From your tenant dashboard select Policy from the left menu and select the Pick Your Policies button. You can also preview and download each policy in the Policy Previews section.

partner portal with where each button is located for pick your policy, previews and where to find policies in the side navigation

The Pick Your Policies window will open and allow you to select the users who will receive the policy to sign.

Pick your policies menu

After selecting the users, scroll down to select the policy or policies you wish to send to the users selected above. Review the selections in the Pick your Policies menu and press submit.

Policy selection menu for Pick Your Policies submenu

Then review the information in the Policy Confirmation menu and select proceed to move forward or cancel to make edits to your selection.

Selecting proceed to move forward with policy confirmation

After selecting proceed, the selected users will be sent an email alerting them that they are required to review and sign the policy or policies you selected.

The user’s experience

User’s selected to receive a policy for review and signature will be sent an email alerting them that they are required to review and sign the policy or policies you selected.

The email’s subject line will read: Action Required: Policy Review & Signature.

The user should select Review and Sign.

The email users receive telling them a policy must be reviewed and signed

They will be taken to a page where any outstanding policies requiring their signature will appear.

From this page, the user can preview or download the policy or select Review & Sign.

What the user sees when signing and reviewing the policy document

After selecting Review & Sign the user will be prompted to enter the full name on record for the account. Today’s date will auto populate.

The user can then click Cancel or Confirm.

The user's experience when signing the policy document

Once the user selects Confirm, they will be returned to the page showing any outstanding policies requiring their signature and will show that the recently signed policy has been completed.

The user can preview or download any signed and unsigned policies on this page.

The confirmation screen for users who have signed the policy

Reporting on policy management

From the tenant dashboard, select Reports > Policy Report.

Where to find the policy reporting screen in the partner portal

In the Policy Status report you’ll see a Policy Summary of the tenant’s current policy statuses. To print the summary, select the print icon in the top right of the Policy Summary.

Where to download the basic policy stats for tenants

Scroll down the page to view the Policy Report Details.

These details include the policy name, number of users who have signed and the number of users awaiting signatures.

Select a policy name for more detailed User Activity.

how to access each policies current status

The User Activity window includes sortable columns including:

  • Signed: indicates whether or not each user has signed.

  • Name: the name of each user the policy was sent to

  • Sent date: the day the email alerting the user to the policy was sent.

  • Date signed: the day the user signed, if applicable.

  • Days outstanding: a number indicating the number of days since the policy was sent without being signed, if applicable.

If you have any questions or suggestions to share about the policies, reporting or policy management, contact support through the Talk to Team button in the partner portal, or email us at


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