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Understanding the risks of public wifi

The microtraining course: “Understanding the Risks of Public Wifi” is available in the HacWare LMS!

Preview the micro training course: Understanding the Risks of Public Wifi

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Users' understanding of the potential risks and best practices for public wifi networks could be crucial to your client’s overall cyber hygiene. Employees may be more susceptible to the potential risks of public wifi networks if they are unaware of the common attacks and tactics used by cyber criminals.

By educating your client’s teams on the risks they can look out for when considering connecting to a public wifi network, they’ll be better prepared when faced with potential threats. Common public wifi network attacks include, evil twin attacks, man-in-the-middle (or adversary-in-the-middle) attacks, phishing risks and risks related to malware.

Providing best practices for using public wifi networks can also help improve overall cyber hygiene and could even thwart potential mistakes that could lead to a successful attack. This course informs users of basic best practices when considering connecting to a public wifi network.

When connecting to a public wifi network, this micro training course recommends users:

  1. Check with the location or event offering the wifi network before connecting to ensure the network name is not being spoofed.

  2. Update device operating and security software regularly and ensure you check for updates before connecting to a public wifi network.

  3. Connect to a virtual private network (VPN) before connecting to a public wifi network when possible.

  4. Use a password protected mobile or prepaid hotspot when possible

  5. Be cautious when accessing private or personal information on devices while using a public wifi network.

Connecting to an unsecured network comes with risks. Well-informed users that understand those risks are better equipped to play an active role in safeguarding their company's sensitive information and improving their overall cybersecurity posture.


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