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Safer Internet Day Free Templates

What's New at HacWare?

February 8, 2022 is Safer Internet Day. We are excited to offer this free social media template to allow your team to raise awareness about Safer Internet Day. We have created a free Cybersecurity "Social Pack" of Canva designs that you can customize to spread cyber awareness.

What is in the Social Pack?

  • 5 Twitter optimized Canva Designs about Safer Internet Day.

  • The social pack covers statistics, best practices, and warnings.

How will this update affect your organization:

Cybersecurity is a team sport! This update allows you to quickly educate and raise awareness. The goal is to create an environment that promotes staying safe online.

How do I find this change in the product:

For Partners, In the partner portal -> select media tool kit. Then select the post titled "5 SAFER INTERNET SOCIAL MEDIA POST TEMPLATES"

For everyone else, download it here!

Use these Suggested Hashtags to improve visibility : #SaferInternetDay #SID2022 #SecurityAwareness #CyberSecurity

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