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Tactical MSP Marketing: Leveraging partnerships to maximize your marketing

This webinar covers tactical marketing strategies MSPs can use to leverage their partnerships to enhance their marketing strategies. Learn how you can work with your partners to create a win-win relationship that benefits you both.

After watching this recording you will better understand:

  • How MSPs can lean on their partners to enhance their marketing strategies.

  • What to prepare and ask for when considering a marketing relationship with a partner.

  • How comarketing with partners can help grow your brand.

About the speakers:

  • Tiffany Ricks - CEO and Founder of HacWare. Tiffany has over 15 years of experience in software engineering and cybersecurity. She is the founder, CEO and Chief Hacker at HacWare, an AI-driven cybersecurity education platform that helps your end-users become your first line of defense against phishing attacks.

  • Charlene Ignacio - CEO of The CMO Guru, Charlene is a multi-industry CEO, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and Black Belt Lean Six Sigma Certified coach. She’s dedicated her career to helping women transition from corporate roles to starting their own businesses, helping them enhance their efficiency and revolutionize development by elevating their sales, customizing their strategies, and enhancing their leadership skills.

Want to Learn More about HacWare?

HacWare makes it easy for software developers and IT teams to launch cybersecurity education solutions to combat phishing attacks. Learn more about HacWare at

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