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3 Common Types of Phishing Scams

1️⃣ The “gift card” 📧

The gift card phishing lure is the most used and most successful phishing scam of all time. Cybercriminals can learn specific information about an organization, such as employees who work there, and use this information to convince you to interact with their phishing message. Cybercriminals also targeted new employees with CEO impersonation scams about purchasing gift cards.

2️⃣ Delivery

This was the most used scam by bad actors in 2021 because it has been used for 11 consecutive months. In November, the attacks got better because the emails followed clone phishing practices which made them harder to detect. These attacks started back in February 2021 with Missed Delivery scams over email and text then progressed to final attempt impersonations and in October with fake reschedule delivery alerts.

3️⃣ The “fake government message” 📧

Many people fall victim to this phishing attempt because no one wants to be at risk of running afoul of the government. In November and December 2021, bad actors impersonated the United States Department of Homeland Security and FBI. HacWare makes it easy for software developers and IT Service Providers to launch cybersecurity education programs to combat phishing attacks. Book a demo today!

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