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Automatic enrollment for new users

What’s new at HacWare?

Automatically enroll new users into your chosen lesson plan with the Automatic Enrollment feature, available for Phish Plus and Super users.

How to set up automatic enrollment:

Within the partner portal, select your tenant and navigate to Awareness Training > LMS. Select the Members tab.

Select any new users from the menu, then select Enroll in Training.

From the Enroll in Training menu, select the Lesson Plan or Course you want new users to be automatically enrolled in. Check the box for Automatically enroll newly added users in Company into this training selection.

Selecting the automatic enrollment checkbox ensures that users who are already enrolled in the selected lesson plan or course will not receive repeat training.

Review the Summary of your changes and select Enroll.

You'll see "Enrollment was successful!" at the bottom of your screen once your automated enrollment setup has been completed!


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