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HacWare Partners: Guest Posting Program

You’re invited to participate in the HacWare Partners: Guest Posting Program!

As a trusted partner, we know you’re an expert in what you do — and we’re dedicated to supporting you and your business. Increasing awareness of your brand and business through thought leadership content is a great way to do this!

Why share your content on HacWare’s blog?

1. Increase your visibility

By sharing your content on the HacWare blog, you’re expanding the visibility of every post! By expanding awareness of your business, you’ll better establish yourself as a thought leader and it could even open further opportunities for you and your business.

2. Build relationships

Informative and educational content can be a great bridge to building relationships with others folks in the industry. Whether it’s new potential customers, peers or other partners, guest posting is a great way to get your name out there and provide social proof of your respected place in the community.

3. Generate leads

Every post you share can include a CTA leading readers back to your website. This provides you with an opportunity to generate leads from your educational content.

4. Enhance your SEO & domain authority

Creating content with links back to your website on outside sites helps establish your website’s domain authority and improves your website’s SEO.

How to participate:

Partners can submit one blog post each month.

  • Blog content

    • Every post should be educational and provide value to the reader.

      • How-to, how-it-works, best practices for xxx, etc.

      • Content should keep the audience of the HacWare blog in mind.

    • The audience of the HacWare blog is primarily owners and teams of Managed Service Providers and others in the cybersecurity space.

  • Partner blog posts will be shared:

    • On the HacWare blog (

    • On HacWare’s social media pages

    • In external email communications

  • Before posts are published:

    • All blog posts must be approved by the HacWare team.

    • HacWare may make necessary edits to content and/or graphics.

  • Blog posts should include:

    • Title (max length: 100 characters)

    • Blog content, saved as a Google Doc or Word doc (all content should be educational and cybersecurity-related)

    • In-post graphics (please send graphics separately in .png or .jpg format, and denote their location in the post content “[file-name.png]”)

    • Author name & headshot

    • Please share a headshot and short bio of the author with a link to their LinkedIn page - we can save and reuse this information for future posts!

    • Posting company name

    • Please share a short description of your company with a link to your preferred website page - we can save and reuse this information for future posts!

    • Optional: provide your own header graphic, saved as .png, .gif or .jpg (graphic template size: 2240x1260 px). If you choose not to provide a header graphic, we will create one for you.

We’re excited to help you grow your business by increasing visibility and awareness through thought leadership content! If you have any questions, please reach out to our marketing team.

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