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How to exclude HacWare Emails from Avanan Scanning?

To avoid HacWare phishing simulations and training emails from getting blocked by Avanan and stopping training from reaching the end-users. Please follow the steps below to create a mail flow rule.

NOTE: This should be placed directly above the rule called “Avanan Protect” in your Exrulechange Mail Flow rules.

Create a new mail flow rule

Please replace {HWDOMAIN} with the customer portal domain and add "-TRAINING".

Once the rule is saved, please confirm it looks like this:

Avanan HacWare

If the message...

If the sender IP addresses belong to one of these ranges:

Do the following...

set the message header X-CLOUD-SEC-AV-INFO with the value {}-

TRAINING and stop processing more rules.

Rule Comments

Rule Mode


Additional Propertiessender address matches: Header


With these tips, you will ensure your users will be able to receive all their HacWare training emails. If you need further assistance, please reach out to our support team at

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