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Hybrid Phishing Attacks | Webinar

Hybrid phishing attacks are on the rise. This attack type, where hackers use multiple types of phishing to drive end user clicks, call backs or other responses (like a phishing email prompting the user to call a phone number), have increased by over 600% since 2021.

Join HacWare CEO & Founder, Tiffany Ricks and Perimeter 81 Senior Director of Product Marketing, Boaz Avigad as they share their insights on this growing attack trend.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • What hybrid phishing attacks look like and why they're so successful

  • Common hacker strategies & risks for these types of attacks

  • How phishing and vishing misconceptions can hold users back

  • Ways your MSP can prepare your clients & users to prevent an attack

Watch the replay:

Link to the full video:



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