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Top 3 moments of 2020

This year was not what I expected. It was a roller coaster filled with highs and lows. This article will explain our top 3 moments that helped HacWare make it through 2020! I hope this article inspires you to reflect and dream for a brighter future.

Moment #3 - Kicked off 2020 with funding!

We started off this year strong with grant funding from Columbia Technology Ventures and CyberNYC. This funding gave us what we needed to make substantial improvements to the product.

In 2020, we launched training videos that celebrated diversity, a multi-tenant portal for our channel partners, and improved the user experience of the product. The CyberNYC program also allowed us to build relationships with the top cybersecurity executives from Goldman Sachs, Citi, and many other top brands. We also started out the year with national attention from the Wall Street Journal. Special Shout out and Thank you to the CyberNYC team and mentors. Your support helped us start off this year with great momentum.

Moment #2 - TechCrunch Battlefield Finalist!

This moment was a dream come true! I have spent many years admiring companies like Dropbox, and watching their performance at TechCrunch battlefield was inspirational.

This year HacWare competed in the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield pitch competition and placed as a top 5 finalist. Less than 2% of applicants were selected to be battlefield companies and HacWare was 1 of only 5 companies that made it to the finals. Battlefield allowed us to get national press coverage from TechCrunch and other brands. It also allow us to tap into their international market of successful startups.

Moment 1# - Expanded Nationally!

We are proud to be supporting great companies in all geographic regions in the United states. We also excited to have international beta customers. This pandemic has presented many challenges and it feels so good to be helping so many companies combat phishing attacks by automating cybersecurity education for their end-users. Special shout out to our channel partners. We can't wait to see what happens next! Happy New Year Everyone!

Tiffany Ricks is the founder and Chief Executive Officer atHacware, Inc. Mrs. Ricks has over 15 years experience in the softwaredevelopment industry and cybersecurity industry.

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