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Need a Security Training Rollout Plan to combat Google and Bank Phishing Scams?

What's New at HacWare?

Rolling out new security software can be exciting and challenging at the same time!

Software Rollout plans can increase the success rates of your security awareness training program. HacWare has released a step by step guide on how to rollout cybersecurity awareness training to your end-users to make the process as smooth as possible.

Watch now to see what phishing threats our proprietary mining technology has uncovered this week!

Want to skip ahead?

  • 0:35 - SAT Rollout Plans

  • 1:24 - Failure Exports

  • 3:03 - Labor Claims Scams

  • 4:11 - Google Voice Scams

  • 5:07 - Bank Scam

Want to Learn More about HacWare?

To learn more about the HacWare Security Awareness Developer platform, Go to the HacWare for Developers page. Click here to get started!

HacWare makes it stupid easy for software developers and IT teams to launch cybersecurity education programs to combat phishing attacks.

Learn more about HacWare at If you are a Managed Security Service provider (MSSP) or IT professional, we would love to automate your security education services, click here to learn more about our partner program.

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