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LMS Updates to Fight the Phish

What's New at HacWare?

We want to help you fight the phish! Phishing is the leading tool cybercriminals use to breach systems. This week's release is about empowering users with phishing knowledge so they can combat the worst phishing attacks. You will also see exciting updates to our learning management system.

Watch this week's episode of What's New?! to see our LMS, Top 8 Threat report. Also, check out the worst phishing attacks from this week!

How will this update affect my organization:

  • Course creation is now easier than ever. You can now create micro-learnings in less time.

  • You can also share phishing knowledge and trends with your network.

How do I find this change in the product:

  • To see the course creation updates for PRO Plus users, Go to the dashboard and select "Training Awareness". Then select the "Course Management" menu item. Finally select the "Add Course" button.

  • To see the Top 8 Worst Phishing Attacks report, go to Partner Portal and select "Digital Media Toolkit". For everyone else, click here.

What are the Worst Phishing Attacks?

  • Billing Cycle Gift

  • NHS Covid Passes

  • coinbase Reactive

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