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New Dark Web Report Release & Spotify Website Spoofs

What's New at HacWare?

Dark Web Monitoring is Free at HacWare! We are excited to announce that we have released a new dark monitoring web report! This report is available to all plans and integration partners!

Watch this week's episode of What's Next?! to see the other report releases and the top 3 phishing scams from this week!

How will this update affect your organization:

  • Now you can track your users' risk to cybersecurity breaches with this new report.

How do I find this change in the Product:

  • From the HacWare customer dashboard, select the Reports menu item and select the "Dark Web Report" sub-menu item.

  • To see the Partner Report improvements, go to the partner dashboard and select Reports from the menu bar. Then select the Performance report.

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Need FREE Resources?

  • Need to communicate with your customers about the Supply Chain Hack?‌Here are free email templates to communicate with your customers and keep them calm.‌ Learn more.

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To learn more about the HacWare Security Awareness Developer platform, Go to the HacWare for Developers page. Click here to get started!

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